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And as mysterious incidents threaten them, Marissa, Gray and Cody reconnect as a family.

Can Gray help to regain her memories of their happy married life With almost two million books in print worldwide, in suspense and romance genres, Lois Richer writes about characters bold enough to face life's problems head on. Lois works hard to leave readers with a sense of hope as well as a hunger to know more about the God of whom she writes. I got all of my rejections after I was a published author who had already hit best seller lists and who had sold more than 25 books to a publisher.

So, all of my rejections came later, trying to expand from category into single title. None of the others, just the third one, and people ask about that all the time. I would love to participate in that. Let me put on my hipster glasses, you know. So, for me, it was all about these kinds of funny opportunities that came up. And I would say that I feel like I fit in small town, in cowboys.

But then in Presents as well.

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And now this thing that had felt like a grind for a little bit, I love it again. And I have had things that have sold 50 copies.

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I probably could have sold into it if I had waited a little bit longer. And I love writing those books.

Patricia Johns

And actually, it can be the best thing for you as an author, to stretch yourself. It was really fun. And I did a series, Fifth Avenue, which was darker and grittier, and I did a biker series with some friends. So, I think I can find the love story anywhere, and I can find my story in that anywhere. And like I said, through that, I have built up a really good reputation within the industry, which has given me a lot of opportunities.

So, that is my extremely long-winded story about how I am where I am and how I continue to be where I am. But, you know, success goes like this. So, I consider failure now just to be all part of it. Like life, we have ups and downs in life, so publishing is just life. A writing career is life. Then, I think that gets you a long way. And so I write for three different imprints at Harlequin. So, Presents and Desire, 50, words.

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The Desires connect with my longer series. And I do novellas as well. We go back and forth on novellas and Desire.

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The great thing about Desire is they get to come out in print on their own and my readership is primarily print. They tend to put them in the back of my longer books as bonus content, but then people who like print have to wait quite a few months to get them. And this is a trial and error thing, that with my first series, I did not do. And it ended up being a giant pain in the butt.

Patricia Johns

And so I knew him, at least through the eyes of his brothers. So, I knew what they thought his issues were and what they thought about his marriage and his wife that passed away and all this kind of stuff. So, for me, exploring that in a book is a cathartic thing, and I know that is for readers as well, because we all understand that, we all fear it. So, I write, I am writing a lot of characters that have experienced really heavy loss. This is totally my thing.

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And so I went back and I re-cast the heroine and it changed the entire story. The first two never match as well as the last two. And I had readers ask me quite a lot about the heroine in Smooth Talking Cowboy, which was out earlier this year, in February. And that has happened now twice with the cowboy books.

His name is Ace. Now I gotta write that book. But wait a minute, how do I write that book? But every so often, people really surprise me. I did not wanna write her book because I did not wanna write that story. When the right man appeared, I could give her the book. Characters and readers who give me this thought and they make me think about it. It forces me to think about, well, what is their real story? So, what they want really does matter to me and yeah, so, ask me about characters. I feel like these are real people now.

And then you did the spin-off, which was Gold Valley. So, how many books have you got in each of those series so far? So, that goes across HQN and Harlequin Desire and then there are some novellas, as well, and I do think everything is available in print.

Dying To Remember (Mills & Boon Love Inspired Suspense) by Sara K. Parker - eBook | HarperCollins

Some of them are just in two-in-one kind of things. Through buying locally the hospital supports local business and industry. And the hospital is often the largest employer in the district. Many farming families have made it through drought and hard times because of employment opportunities at their community hospital. From a practical point of view, the hospital buildings provide a place for community groups to meet, for example, the local weight watchers group or a mental health support group. The hospital is a safe place for people to go when their circumstances change for the worse — in a domestic violence or abuse situation.

I believe my life has been richer and my nursing experience greater as a result. Writing as Anne Fraser, Emma has delighted us with her Medical Romances, and now writes historical fiction. Over to you, Emma…. As an ex-nurse ideas for those books were never a problem. But I have always been fascinated with the past — perhaps being Scottish has something to do with it. In Scotland, evidence of by gone lives is never more than a few feet away. For my first historical When the Dawn Breaks, I started off researching the first women doctors. Almost immediately the name Elsie Inglis came up.

When I trained as a nurse in Edinburgh there used to be an Elsie Inglis Hospital but I never knew why it was called that. The British Government refused their help so Dr Inglis went straight to the Serbian and French governments and offered to help them instead. When I discovered the story I knew I had to write about it and the kind of women who would have the courage and determination to not only become doctors and nurses at a time when it was still very difficult for women to qualify but who would have the courage and determination to volunteer to work close to the front line.

For my second historical, We Shall Remember, my daughter told me about two Polish doctors who had found away of mimicking a false positive for Typhus and they used this discovery to save thousands of Polish lives during WW2. The real event turned out to have only a small part in my story but it led to the creation of my Polish heroine, Irene. So real events are one place I find inspiration but so too are places. I worked there for a while when I was a teenager and still think it one of the most magical places in the world.

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One of the scenes in When the Dawn Breaks is set around this dungeon. In both books I was also inspired by the thought — what would I do if I had been forced to trek over frozen Montenegrin mountains in the dead of winter When the Dawn Breaks or been asked to go back to a country to spy knowing I could be facing death at any moment? We Shall Remember. I doubt I would have been as brave as either of my heroines! This is a photo of the syringe she would have used on home visits.