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These legs can also be used to adjust the track width and the height of the vehicle over a wide range of dimensions, ensuring that the machines remain highly flexible and can be adapted to the surrounding conditions, both in drive mode and work mode, when the stabilisers on the legs are extended. This means that they are ideally suited to working in locations such as very steep slopes or in streams. The impressive video is still available on YouTube and shows a walking excavator from Swiss manufacturer Menzi Muck climbing over a five-metre-high concrete block - using the bucket as additional support - and proving just how appropriate the name "spider excavator" is.

Exploiting this great degree of freedom not only requires a very experienced driver, but also a powerful hydraulic system that can execute the often superimposed movements with the necessary dynamics or sensitivity. Joint development at a high level During development of its new series, which Menzi Muck unveiled to the public at bauma , the excavator manufacturer worked in close collaboration with Linde Hydraulics and Girtec AG, the Linde Hydraulics system partner based in Switzerland.

Together, the companies developed a hydraulic system that utilises the benefits of the Linde Synchron Control LSC and not only meets the demanding requirements of the highly specialised movements of a walking excavator, but also enables additional functions to be implemented. Supply via tandem pump unit At the core of the hydraulic system is a tandem pump unit.

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A load-sensing regulating pump of type HPR E1L for the open circuit supplies the working hydraulics with hydraulic fluid, while an HPV E2 variable displacement pump for the closed circuit drives the traction motors. The system is controlled via a compact LSC monoblock, in which three directional control valves are integrated in a single cast housing.

The pressure relief function is also integrated in the monoblock, and special functions can be implemented using an intermediate plate. The valves have a flow-optimised design and feature integrated pressure compensators and pressure copiers. Social load sensing The special features of the LSC system include its "social load sensing" capability. This is a special kind of volume flow regulation for superimposed movements, which are frequently required for walking excavators.

The relevant functions are supplied as required depending on how the driver moves the joystick, even if the requested flow volume exceeds the maximum possible pump flow rate. In this case, the available flow volume is divided amongst the consumers depending on their requirements.

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It maps the complete traction hydraulics and working hydraulics of the new machine. The software developers at Linde have implemented some additional functions in the electronic control unit, including the option to select pre-configured drive programs, such as an "eco mode" where the walking excavator operates in a particularly energy-efficient manner. The joystick, which the operator uses to operate the hydraulic functions, comes from the product range of Linde Hydraulics partner Girtec. This means that virtually the entire hydraulic system, including the control electronics and man-machine interface, comes from a single source.

An Overview of Hydraulic Systems

Compact and powerful hydraulic system from a single source Menzi Muck has already had positive experiences with hydraulic components and systems from Linde Hydraulics. Elke Karnarski Phone.

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Gerald Scheffels Phone. Cookies on the Linde Hydraulics website. Innovative hydraulics for highly specialised construction machinery. Pumps Pumps Series Pumps for open and closed circuits. Hydraulic Troubleshooting Principles Hydrostatic Drives Hydrostatic Drive Service and Diagnostics Hydraulic Systems for Mobile Equipment educates students in heavy equipment and heavy truck programs. The text has a primary emphasis on agricultural and construction machinery, and can also empower students working in any related field of hydraulics.

Designed for education, the text contains rich pedagogical support, thorough coverage of equipment and systems from a variety of manufacturers, and high-quality photos, drawings, and schematics.

The scope and approach of the book make it appropriate for all students, whether they are pursuing a certificate, associate's degree, bachelor's degree, or a master's degree. Includes traditional hydraulic content such as fluid power principles, pumps, motors, safety, valves, filtration, accumulators, plumbing, reservoirs, coolers, and fluids. Includes fundamental explanation of the most common types of mobile hydraulic control systems, specifically open center, pressure compensating, pre-spool load sensing pressure compensating, post-spool compensation flow sharing , negative flow control, and positive flow control.

Provides fundamental instruction on hydrostatic transmissions with the goal of providing students true comprehension of the systems. Online Text, 1yr.

Rebuild Equipment for Hydraulic Systems in Construction

Individual Subscription Instant Access. Online Textbook. All content from the print textbook is included with exact page reproductions to ensure that students do not miss any important information or illustrations. Navigation is easy with a linked table of contents, and the search function helps students to easily find information.

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