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My friends have always been the best of me. Death Riders: The galatic fair has arrived on the mining asteroid of Stanalan and anticipation is building around the construction of the fair's most popular attraction - the Death Ride! But there is something sinister going on behind all the fun of the fair; people are mysteriously dying in the Off-Limits tunnels. Join the Doctor, Amy and Rory as they investigate Autumn leaves litter lawns and sidewalks, paper skeletons hang in windows, and carved pumpkins leer from stoops and front porches.

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Marathon affects Palm Desert traffic on Saturday. Corc too becomes hopeless, almost hysterical, and runs towards them but he is knocked back by Henrik.

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Henrik himself gets to close and is possessed too. Freydis wraps her hands in some clothes and pushed him back to the ocean where she holds him under. He is lifeless when Freydis surfaces him.

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The Vikings taken by the Arill burn up. The Doctor is furious at the Arill for tricking him, even after he gave them a chance and offered them his help. He collects the village's swords from Corc and begins constructing a lightning rod as Luag tells the Doctor his ears are popping, meaning a storm is approaching.


The Doctor takes a coracle out to sea and begins speaking with the Arill again. He informs them that he still intends to help them and allows the Arill to feed on him. As they take him over, the storm arrives and the Doctor holds up the spear of swords. Lightning strikes it and the Arill are sent into the atmosphere.

The Doctor collapses and the villagers watching from the coast presume him dead. The Doctor wakes up in the coracle later. He still feels warm even though the weather is cold, some essence of the Arill remaining within him. When he returns to land, he has the remaining essence take on the form on Eoric and Brogan for a brief moment, allowing Corc, Luag and Braan to say a proper goodbye to their loved ones. The Doctor stays at the village for a while longer, playing more chess with Luag and answering any final questions the villagers have.

Before leaving, he gives Henrik and Freydis an offer to travel with him but they turn it down. The Doctor says the last of his farewells before pressing down the accelerator and taking off.

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I Am a Dalek. Shroud of Sorrow.

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Magic of the Angels. The Silurian Gift. Big Bang Generation. Plague City.

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