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Mystics also believe that there are places where dreaming takes place, but have related it to supernatural beings such as ghosts and spirits. However, since scientists have been trying to avoid such questionable beings, and in their quest to find the ideal place of nuclear particles to host dreams, they realized that such a formation would be impossible on Earth. Thus they shifted the argument away from the supernatural, and into an arguably more confusing field of physics. An example of the scientist's theory of parallel universes would be to think of two worlds: one in which you are born, and one in which you aren't.

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Logically, you can never be in such a "dual" state within one dimension, and thus the need for multiple parallel dimensions arises. Think about it: in another world, there could be a copy of yourself who does things slightly differently, and as a result may have a better life than you.

In another world, there could be a person like you who didn't forget his lines at the corporate meeting. In another world, there could be another version of you who understands what is going on with our dreams--and maybe by then, we'll know if the scientists or the mystics win out on this debate.

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Dreams, Hauntings, Nightmares, and Alternate Realities. Mensah Watts. What is beyond our world?

That is a question I wanted the answer to so badly while growing up. Little did I know that question was being answered through my forgotten and dismissed childhood experiences, with the king of darkness himself. As I got older, the horrible haunting of my past began to come back to the front of my mind.

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The evil spirit continued haunting me as I grew older, only he did it in different ways then he did when I was a child. I did not fully remember my childhood haunting until I decided to write down the stories I did remember from childhood to adulthood. It was then that it all started coming back to me. I then realized that the king of darkness had been haunting my life as fare back as I could remember.

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And as I began talking to people about my stories, I began to realize that people were interested in my stories of the other world and its darkness of many forms. After consulting with a close friend, I was inspired to tell the story and to write this book. Dominos Pizza Demon. The Great Oklahoma Spirit.

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