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But, there is another truth. The present is shaped by the past. For instance, if you get promotion in your job in the present, it is only because of your impressive work in the past. Similarly, if your present is good, it also gives you hope for the future. You can consolidate on the present to realise an even better future. As a human life is nothing but an accumulation of moments put together, past and present converge to shape the future.

The wisest of man will learn from his past, live in the present, and hope for tomorrow.

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It is often said that it is better to bury the past but in doing so, you miss the chance to learn from your past mistakes. Keep the past alive only to learn the right lessons and not make those mistakes again. Essentially, everyone hopes to be in a better place than he is in the present moment.

If this hope for a better future were to be taken away, man would have no desire to keep on living. It is this hope for a better tomorrow that makes all the struggles of the present worthwhile. There are people who do not learn from the past and keep repeating the same mistakes.

For instance, the world did not learn its lessons from the First World War, and failed to contain the reasons that led to the Second World War; America has lost billions of dollars and lives fighting wars that are not theirs to fight; Nokia failed to evolve and keep pace with modern technology, to name a few. Approaching the present with a fresh perspective, while keeping the lessons from the past in mind will give you a promising future.

And we must ensure that our present is well- lived. Interpret Data In DI?

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    Atmanand Rendezvous with Dr. R K Mishra Rendezvous with Dr. Arindam Banik. Rendezvous with Dr. Ravi Kumar Jain Rendezvous with Dr. Gireesh Chandra Tripathi Rendezvous with Dr. Rahul Singh Rendezvous with Dr. The band was originally called "The Kick Off", but after playing numerous local shows, changed their name due to copyright issues. After, Enriquez suggested the name, "There For Tomorrow", where they all agreed as their new name.

    The band released their debut album Point of Origin in the spring of without a label, as they were unsigned at the time.

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    Their music began playing on a local radio station in and they performed showcase concerts , which led to stints on the southeastern leg of the Vans Warped Tour in The band shot a music video for the single "Pages", directed by Chris Grieder. After signing onto Hopeless Records in , [4] Wisner returned to produce the band's self-titled EP , which was released on 5 August It featured the first single "No More Room to Breathe", which the band shot a music video for.

    The title song from the album was featured in the movie Ben Alien Swarm , along with a music video of the band performing, interspersed with scenes from the movie. The song was also featured in promotional commercials and videos for Nerf 's Vortex during In an interview during July , Maile announced the band's plans to release a remix EP in the fall as well as tour one last time before the band began recording its next album.

    It featured several remixes as well as a new song, "Small World". They had originally written thirteen songs over the course of a week; only the first twelve songs made it on the album. Maile stated in a Warped Tour interview that his favorite song off The Verge was "BLU", due to the fact that it is the band's first ballad and the piano as the lead instrument for the first time.

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    The band played every date on the Vans Warped Tour On December 26, , the band released a video announcing the release of a new album in January The band then released a single from the upcoming album, Dark Purple Sky on iTunes. It was met with mixed to positive reviews, reviewers noting that the new track had elements resembling a Thirty Seconds to Mars or U2 track.

    In June the band officially announced that a new EP, Nightscape , would be released in October On November 19, the band posted a statement officially announcing the end of the band. On Christmas Eve , they released a new single, So Divine. On January 13, , they released a third single Walking on Air. All three singles retained the stylistic change that they introduced on Nightscape.