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This way the network can check the authenticity of the transaction. The content of the file is also possible to ensure that the traged bitcoins are available in the public accounts of the public accounts widely used throughout the network. The decisive step is to add this new transaction to this book.

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This is done on a mathematical task that is started on computers , with the winner who is a kind of premeditate central banker who has the privilege to add this extra line. This is a mess of the file , i. The goal is to find the number that gives a special fingerprint many nulls at the beginning. If this number is found , the other knots can check for the correct. The transaction is therefore permanently linked to the chain of all other transactions and any modification would change fingerprinting.

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If a user is to pay a very fast less than 10 minutes to the same money , only one of the two transactions will be validated by the network and the other will remain without interlinking , as both have different fingerprints. The computer that has solved the task has 50 bitcoins. To prevent inflation , this reward is regularly halved , probably before the end of The Bitcoins are thus limited to 21 million but are still part of a millionstel , which leaves a certain amount of space to be used In addition , the difficulty of the task is increased with every improvement in computing power The life of the network has already had ups and downs.

The web pages that provide the services for bitcoins were attacked and the Bitcoin deposits stolen. The ECB also reports about the possibilities of money laundering using this anonymous service. However , cash also has these shortcomings. Important actors such as Wikipedia refuse donations of this kind Other people such as the blog blog WordPress will accept them.

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Pierre Noizat , who is also a writer of a book about this currency , firmly believes in the potential of this technology as a transaction network Its system Paytunia is equivalent to a credit card with real money or a non-contact payment with a mobile phone , but Bitcoin uses the validation of transactions that are cheaper. The owner is also managing his identity and can remain anonymous.

The system can be easily implemented with traders , and the latter must not install new terminals or computer programs. It is a general trend , which revisions the hierarchical systems in favour of more horizontal systems. The ECB , in its report , is in fact proposing to reassess the various risks to a successful currency in the event of a success of this currency We are being withdrawn from Afghanistan.

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And afterwards? French troops have their responsibilities in Afghanistan Kapisa and Surobi. NATO and the US should follow the end of It is time for the Afghan army to take over its territory again and to allow the Afghan people to decide their future without expecting anything from us. We have , in particular , punished Afghan farmers by being terrorists. And ourselves with our 88 killed soldiers , and the injured and the divers. The Taliban are composed of foreign extremists , former leaders who are fleeing Pakistan , but also from farmers who are refusing to hold armed foreign presence , as they are at the time of the Soviets.

They want to defend their centuries of ancient and archaic traditions , even though they have joined jihadists , Pakistani , Arabs , Uzbeks and Shirts. The fact that the local insurgents are supported by local insurgents will no longer be there if the western countries are to be disposed The withdrawal of French troops from the base in Nijrab , which I watched from a hill planted with mandous trees , which was financed by French loans , has been properly implemented.

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  7. The trucks and tank convoys survived by helicopters have reached Kabul without being attacked. There will be no entry into Kabul at the end of The conditions have changed since the incontrovertible advance of to At that time Kabul and the country were overtaken by war due to the struggles of the various revolt groups Their power was then seen as a kind of liberation and return to security.

    Afghan women have paid the price of the obscurantism paid by the Al-Qaeda organisation , but their situation has not improved up to now. Former Mujaheddin , the Afghan government and current Taliban have a common desire to keep women in a subordinate position. The most important personalities of the anti-Soviet war have come to power in They have been discredited , and most of them were not involved in the battles.

    As I heard in the campaigns , people want a government that is not composed of divisions. Many young people want to leave the country , just as those who could benefit from American subsidies : capital flight is a considerable one. Young people have been living up to war and ideologies. During their exile in Iran or Pakistan they had contact with the modern world and enjoyed their advantages. In cities , the public schools are full of girls like boys. These young people , who are not going to be able to return to the obscurantism of the former parties , nor to the corruption of some executives All , including armed parties , are obsessed with mobile phones ; television with its Turkish series , which are a modern world , is being looked at everywhere.

    A army is now there.

    Will the authorities under whose command will be considered legitimate? Former commanders of the anti-Soviet struggle are already trying to restore the militias in the province , which are being removed from central government power. Afghanistan , the country of mountains with strong local identities , should have benefited from some decentralisation , but by abolishing the prime minister , since the constitution of , the US was seeking to make the US a centralized state with a strong presidential power. President Karzai does not want foreign controls , especially on the elections planned for April However , his country has long been dependent on foreign aid for the s and years.

    Industrial goods were not rebuilt , functional dust plants are not there and important irrigation systems have not been repaired.

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    Everything is imported ; except fruit and vegetables , nothing is produced. The private initiative is given priority. In a country which was founded 30 years ago , State control of infrastructures would have been necessary. The rumour has been that Afghanistan has huge natural resources. This is more to the impression that the western countries were only on the ground to seize this. Without energy to process ice or copper ore on site , or without means of transport for export over the mountains , no mining is possible. One day it will also be necessary for Afghanistan and Pakistan , which are largely dependent on imports and exports , to return normal relations.

    The withdrawal of the French combat forces was completed on 20 November. This work , which has been necessary for many local workers , has helped to suppress the uprising : irrigation , wells , drinking water , reforestation , fruit trees , soil protection and increased agricultural land. What souvenir is we withdrawing from USD 2 billion after military expenditure A much more modest budget will help to improve the living conditions that are often very hard in these valleys , which are more than metres.

    In the message , dozens of written requests by small agricultural projects were addressed by municipalities of the province of Kapisa To allow farmers to escape from the insurmountable insurers , which their own statements are , it would be less , well controlled and , in the interests of civilian aid , be well controlled.

    Egypt , in terms of constitutional declaration , which temporarily grants him unlimited powers , more than ever , has decided to put everything on a map. On Wednesday , he announced on Wednesday that the constitutional assembly will be adopting its final version on Wednesday. Just a week ago , the Head of State granted two additional months to complete his work. Egypt has , for almost two years , now been building a temporary , multi-pronged text , which weakens institutional stability and leads to a legal breakthrough.

    This new initiative has only made it more divided. A very short period that forces the brothers to abandon their intentions to explain the text of the section for section. It is also a way for the President to rediscover its public and democratic legitimacy , while the protests are raging throughout the country.

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    After confirming in an interview with the American weekly newspaper , Mohamed Morsi seems to be convinced that the Egyptians will vote favourably. The majority of Liberals did not meet the call. Shortly before the constitutional declaration in November , they turned out to be abused , because they felt they were unable to assert their views. Human rights organisations , religious minorities and civil society have acted equally. In the wake of the decision , the 11 people , deputy members , were added yesterday.

    Some are very close to the Muslim Brotherhood It is not surprising that the articles were mostly approved unanimously. The commentators , however , were entertaining that the only difference of opinion of the day The text which was passed last night is based on articles. For they are told that the constitution is being Islamised by other articles They are in particular in Article , which recognises the University of Al-Azhar an advisory function , particularly in relation to the review of conformity with the laws of Sharia.

    According to the Egypt-German student , Sophie Pommier , this is worrying , because the people who are asked to give opinions have not been elected and have no democratic legitimacy. One can see the first signs of a theocracy. Liberals are also worried about the fact that the next Rector of this university will be far less moderate than the current one. This Constitution is a constitution that we are maintaining. Most lawyers who have worked on this text are not Ulema , but academics , who are trained in the French system , are invited to the city of Alexis Blouet , who writes a thesis on Egyptian constitutional order.

    However , he acknowledges that there can be a ambiguity in Article , as the concepts used are opposed to the religious vocabulary. And in the future , the question of how civil judges are competent to decide on this issue could be raised. In addition to its religious aspect , the text adopted yesterday is strongly criticised for the far-reaching powers that it grants to the President of the Republic The Muslim Brothers argue that they are significantly reduced compared with the former regime.

    There will also be no ban on civil trials in military courts , as the associations of defence of human rights have demanded. The latter also share their concerns about the text they consider to be a freedom of liberties. The blasphemy of blasphemy is maintained , and insults are now banned , which could have serious consequences for freedom of expression , especially for the press.

    In addition , no article refers more to the protection of women , underscores the death of Human Rights Watch by Lewis In my opinion , the only positive point is the ban on torture by Article This word was not included in the previous Constitution. The Egyptian President had to speak on television yesterday evening , demonstrations for this afternoon.

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    The supporters of the State Scoreboard will march Saturday. In Israel , Ukrainian tourists expect sacred sites , the nails of the world and a sea of Sole. The land of Gelobland combines the glory of biblical truths , modern comfort and an untouched nature. AIF gives you the five most important reasons for visiting Israel. Jesus was also a great man of the Great Testament. The path begins at the Roman fortress Antonia , Pretorium , where the court was , and through the streets of the Old Town , it was the tomb of Golgotha , where the Cross , the Salation stone and the tomb of Jesus are located.

    Here , a Christian view of the world is being formed , symbolizing the savoury of humanity. The Holy Cross of Jerusalem is on the spot where a Christian legend grew to grow the tree from which the Cross was made for the Cross of Jesus. In Jerusalem is also the most sacred place of the Jewelry - the Caverns , the remains of a temple destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.

    Traditionally , people are leaving people with different beliefs of faith , who will then be fulfilled. A Journey The ruins of the fortress Massada form the remains of secret forests against enemies , which built the Great of Great in 25 AD for his family.

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    They are on a rock wall in the mountains meters above sea level. Only mountain climbers can reach the ruins by their own strength. All others are leading a glimpse of this historic summit.