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According to the Mayo Clinic , positive thinking helps manage stress and even improves your health. I start every single day saying that simple sentence out loud as soon as I get out of bed.


And yes, I even tell myself this on mornings that have followed nights that were too short or mornings that I wake up feeling like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. Pick a phrase or question that resonates with you. When you wake up in the morning, do you immediately check your email or social media accounts? As Jocelyn K. For instance, if you receive an email asking for work-related documents, you might be compelled to provide them immediately…even though you may have had plans to work on marketing your own side-business.

Or if you open up Facebook and see one of your friends in a crisis, that becomes your focus, potentially keeping you from concentrating on your own issues or concerns. Start your days focused on YOU and you will be in a much better state-of-mind to help others and get more accomplished all day.

Simply close your eyes and imagine yourself excelling and being the best you. Put yourself in situations where you shine, visualizing the best possible outcome. Be as specific as possible…and be sure to keep it positive. The purpose of all of this is to pass command from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind wants to believe what you tell it good or bad and it will do whatever it takes to turn those commands into reality.

Reading books offers many science-based benefits. Reading can boost your intelligence, increase your brainpower for up to 5 days, according to research conducted by Emory University , and even strengthen your ability to empathize with other people. Joshua Becker , bestselling author of Simplify , has made it a goal to read a book a week because reading makes him a better leader, increases his worldview and knowledge base, and reinforces his self-discipline.

I mean, who has hours and hours a day or week to just sit and read? If I want to read more, I do. By breaking the big process reading a whole book! I have a mentor and I call him every day.

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Even if all I do is leave him a message, this one simple task holds me accountable. It also forces me to keep myself and my mind moving in a positive direction.

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Or at least find someone you trust who can be your accountability partner, someone to hold you to your word. ET recommends making a list of three people that you trust and respect. Have a conversation with each of these people and discuss exactly what it is that you want to accomplish.

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After the conversation, decide which of these individuals will serve best as a accountability partner for the specific milestone you are trying to reach. Quid pro quo. You cannot ask and ask and not expect to give anything in return. Figure out what you can offer and actually give it. Spending time writing every day helps you become a better communicator, improves your ability to recall important information, and it also enhances your creativity.

Write in a diary format and you also have the added benefit of greater self-understanding. One of the first things I do every morning is write Morning Pages , a practice devised by Julia Cameron that clears my mind and helps to clarify what I want out of life.

I Will Always Love You

To do your own Morning Pages, simply sit down and write three pages. They can be about anything you want them to be. Just write each and every day. The point of this exercise is to work your brain and get your creative juices flowing. They can be big ideas how to cure cancer or small ones ways get your cat to quit scratching the furniture.

They say that everyone has at least one million-dollar idea in his or her lifetime. You may just find yours on this list! I plan up to six tasks that I want to complete during the day on mine and the reason this works is twofold. First, it helps me plan my day in a way that allows me to get the most out of it versus just performing random tasks and hoping that they move you forward.

Second, creating a to-do list keeps me on task. While all of these tips are meant to help you forage ahead, sometimes you just need to step back and give your mind a break. This revolutionary time management system is deceptively simple to learn, but life-changing when applied correctly. By utilizing this technique, I am now able to get 40 hours of work done in just All the while, keeping my energy levels more stable and eliminating burnout for the most part. According to The National Sleep Foundation a short nap of minutes can help to improve your mood, alertness and even performance.

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Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Thomas Edison and Salvador Dali were all regular nappers. Breaking your day into chunks helps you be the best you as too much time spent doing one thing can cause you to lose focus…and interest. Now, look at your own day and figure out how you can break it into chunks…and determine what you need to do to spend your time doing what you want to do as much as possible. Jack Dorsey , co-founder of both Twitter and Square, used to manage both of these companies at the same time without getting overwhelmed.

He did this by setting aside different tasks for different days of the week. This can give you the time you need to make headway in those particular areas…without putting your brain on overload. Being your best also requires that you take care of your body and are firing on all cylinders! Here are a few things you can add to your daily routine to do just that….

For instance, if you inhale for 6 seconds, you will hold for 24 seconds, and exhale for 12 seconds. This type of breathing brings energy to your body, making it healthier and less stressed in the process.

Better Humans

The items you choose to consume each and every day can actually affect how well your brain functions, ultimately making it easier or harder for you to hit your goals. Research has found that your brain operates optimally when you consume a very specific amount of glucose 25 grams, to be exact in a form that is released slowly over time. Foods that fall into this category and have positive effects on your body and mind include:.

Do you fall into this group? If so, this can leave you feeling tired all of the time, result in more frequent headaches, and also lower your strength and stamina, making any routine at all difficult to create, let alone keep. One way to overcome this all-too-common occurrence is to have water with you at all times.

Keep sipping the rest of the day too so you get your Mayo Clinic recommended intake of 9 cups daily for women and 13 cups for men.

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Harvard Medical School says that the polyphenols found in tea have been found to do many good things for your body. Specifically, they are anti-inflammatory and provide antioxidant-like benefits. Here are some of the best teas to drink as well as the reasons why:. The National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability NCHPAD cites some of the physical consequences of sitting a lot , which include: increased risk of colon and breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, strokes and heart attacks, as well as a greater mental decline and loss of muscle and bone.

In his article The Healthiest Way to Work , Buffer content crafter extraordinaire Kevan Lee provides a few tips to help you get out of your chair and move more often. Some to think about implementing in your own life are getting up every 20 minutes, using a standing desk, and sitting on a saddle or balance chair.