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I used the recipe almost as is.. I used lemon extract and instead of vanilla I used lemon concentrate. I also added 1 tbsp of dried basil. I put lemon curd between the two layers and then frosted.

Lemon Cake

I loved how fluffy and lush the batter looked.. How about including weights for ingredients? That is the only way I bake. It makes measuring ingredients so so easy and more accurate.

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Made this cake last night! The cake turned out really well, super moist and lemony. I used the juice of one lemon instead of lemon extract and added the zest the recipe called for. Used all purpose flour and corn starch for cake flour. My boyfriend stunned me by finding real whole fat buttermilk at the third grocery store he went to. Whole fat buttermilk is certainly a unicorn in the northeast.

I was thrilled. Have to work on the icing a bit more. I added more lemon juice to the icing than the recipe called for after test tasting. It seemed like it needed to be more lemony. I added some zest to the icing as well. Have to work on the consistency of the icing. I may use milk or half and half instead of buttermilk for the icing next time, it really affects the flavor of the icing.

Overall, really happy with this recipe!! Wish I could share my photos here. Thanks, Danielle. Quick question, have you ever added poppy seed in this? If so, do you need to do anything to the recipe in order to account for it?

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You can totally add poppy seeds to this cake without any alteration. Star with a tablespoon of seeds, then add more if needed. Oh my goodness… this cake is so amazing….. Especially desserts. My son suggested a lemon cake. I found this recipe and baked it last night.

Today I made the frosting. This cake is so moist, flavorful, and a breeze to make. I added cream cheese and some vanilla to the frosting. It was a symphony to my taste buds! MUAH thank you!? Thank you. Can this frosting be smoothed with the viva paper towel and smoother trick? Gonna make the cake for a birthday cake tonight and can do a crusting buttercream if it will not.

I think I am a pretty good baker but this is probably the best cake I have ever baked. A friend mine requested a lemon cake for her birthday and this was a huge hit with everyone.

I made a few tweaks: I zested all the lemons and used the zest in the frosting and on top as decoration. I also put a lemon curd layer on both layers destined for the middle. I let it soak in a bit before frosting. Did I mention that I love lemon? The crumb is moist and delicate. It packs a punch of flavor. It was perfect the first and should be again. Simple and delish! The lemon butter cake you share is very good. A great dish and suitable for every meal. I really like this dish. I made this in a pinch for a birthday party in which a lemon cake was requested.

I was not disappointed — huge compliments from all around! The cake was so moist and yummy! I have made various cakes from your website and loved them, however all of my cakes always fall in the middle. Any tips as to what I could be doing wrong?

Lemon Cake | Chelsea Sugar

Unfortunately, LOTS of things can cause a cake to fall… Overbeating the batter, opening and closing the oven door, an oven that runs too hot, mismeasuring the flour, stale leavening agents. I would start by buying a hanging oven thermostat to make sure your oven temperature is accurate.

Then replace your baking soda and baking powder. Will it make a big difference if I use low-fat buttermilk? It will make a little difference. So sorry about that! It sounds like you might have baked it too long. If not, your oven thermometer might be off. If would be a good idea to place a hanging thermometer in your oven to check its accuracy… Especially for baking.

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As I reviewed the ingredients and tips, I knew this receipe would be a winner. Omg… Moist and so good. Hello from N. I would prefer to leave out the lemon extract and add more zest. Thanks heaps for any advice. Yes, you can use two square 9X9 inch pans or one 9X You might need to adjust the baking time just a tad… In one pan it might take a little longer.

As for swapping out the lemon extract, I would use just 1 teaspoon lemon juice to compensate for the liquid, and the zest of 3 lemons. I would make it as is but without the lemon extract…. I did this and the ze st of one lemon was tasty! Not weak! Yes, the cake should take between minutes to bake.

I would then HALF the frosting recipe. I attempted this cake, which sounds great, and I love lemon cake. Is the ratio of 2 cups of sugar to 10 tbsp of butter correct? Just became a very grainy, buttery blob. Super delish, very tender. I also made a simple syrup with lemon and sugar that I brushed the cake with while still warm, after I removed from the pan. Got rave reviews. Excellent recipe. I just wanted to let you know you forgot to include the sugar in the dry ingredients list in the instructions part. This leaves me wondering—what did you beat with your butter?

How did your cake turn out?