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Slot machines, using science to turn humans into addled lab rats, are horrific. By far the worst the part that resonates with this libertarian are government lotteries, a poor tax bound up in layers of lies, that ought to damn its perpetrators to the lowest level of hell. Maybe I visit too many places with Gannett papers? The ones most salient will be the CW ones, because those ones come up most often. Most are not really in tension with overall values, but of which I am more confident in than the evidence probably merits.

Burn the books and distribute the ashes into the sea. Erase all digital mention of it. Obliterate, obliterate, obliterate. I am also against legalizing drugs and prostitution. There are a lot of arguments I agree with for legalization, but I am still against it, even if I cannot entirely justify it. I want incandescent lightbulbs back! Basque independence. I believe it is an economically losing proposition, we will become a small insignificant country in the world arena, and we will get out of the EU and the euro.

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A personal story of planning for the future, grappling with the question of our climate challenge, and how we are orienting ourselves. Would appreciate some critique about: 1 the forecasts. There are lots of threads for me yet to really write about in that regard. Does it help you see things from a different perspective? Is it unclear what the implications of the model are? When I was young there was only national coming out day. Pride Month was only Pride Week last year. This is a positive development. Again, I was more interested in the phenomenon of how these kinds of memes spread.

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You know, I hardly ever hear gay pride specified anymore. This raises the question whether November will be Gluttony month. Or February Lust month. Or March Avarice month. So, rarely, but yes?

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Had you heard someone else say it first? Ever, I mean.

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If so, was it on the internet or in meatspace? Yes, under similar circumstances.

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Have you ever just thrown it in there anywhere else? Where did you first learn it was a thing you could throw in if you remember? Genuinely curious. Certainly by pride, everyone was jazzed about the supreme court ruling, and I actually went out and joined in on the public activities. Spacing them out so the same personalities can participate in multiple cities makes sense, but also surprised me when you mentioned it: it seems to prioritze celebrity over history.

I think a parade is a good cutoff for when people can exchange pleasantries.

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This open thread is different from other open threads? I guess I am surprised that forecasting, climate stuff, and civilizational outlook would fall into the Culture War realm. I get that folks get wound up about climate stuff but thought my post was pushing for an analytical discussion that ought to avoid unproductive discussion….

I mean you watch the new right? And yeah, I would be more comfortable. To provide a less circular justification: economics says that trade takes place whenever you and I each have a commodity, and the rate of exchange I value them at is more favourable to yours that the rate you value them at.

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If I have apples and you have bananas, and an apple is worth 10 bananas to you but only 6 to me, then exchanging one apple for any number between 6 and 10 bananas makes us both better off. If we impose a.

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  2. Beautiful Flowers of the Maquiladora: Life Histories of Women Workers in Tijuana (Institute of Latin American Studies);
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  4. So whether or not raising a minimum wage is a good idea depends on what fraction of low-paying employers would secretly be willing to pay more if they had to, and what fraction would just stop employing. There are also a couple of theoretical reasons I find that likely. The last few decades have seen massive increases in GDP and productivity, but only small ones in wages.

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    And the decline in American union power and much greater negotiating strength of employers than low-skilled employees in most circumstances makes it likely that wages will typically be nearer the. This is a very good comment, clearly stated. It seems to me that employees would lie along a spectrum, with some whose ZOPA is now entirely below the mandated minimum wage, and others for whom their ZOPA extends above it. So for the ones below, they would see their wages drop to zero, and others would see a wage increase. In order for a minimum wage to be a good idea, the number in the second group would have to vastly outnumber the number in the first group, since the negative utility of going from some wage that is below the new minimum to zero is much higher than the positive utility of going from some wage below the minimum up to the new minimum.

    I guess my other concern is how people become productive enough to earn more than the minimum wage. A minimum wage that matters in NYC or the Bay Area is probably pricing a really large chunk of bottom-tier workers out of a job in Jefferson City, Missouri. What you can do it tinker and hope — raise your minimum wage a bit, see if that seems to be significantly increasing unemployment, if not repeat until it does, and then stop and let inflation bring it back down.

    If lots of other people in similar circumstances are doing the same, that helps a lot, because you can gather more data and try to tease out effects on unemployment from the minimum wage from other effects. Why are legislatures going to be more reactive with minimum wages than they are with crack sentencing guidelines? How is keep raising the minimum wage until you get significant unemployment a sensible policy to help the poorest? Its economic experimentation with their livelihoods, and is exactly the sort of application of theoretical knowledge to real life that causes huge problems.

    Whilst theoretically you seem to be correct applying Economics , Economics is about models. Slowing it, or 2. Developing a black economy in employment. That sounds as though you think the relevant statistic is the unemployment rate. Minimum wage workers are something like one or two percent of the labor force, so even a change that priced half of them out of the market would have an effect on the overall unemployment rate hard to distinguish from random noise. He is confusing the logic of bilateral monopoly, which is a rare situation on the labor market, with the logic of perfect competition, which is what econ is largely about.

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    Another factor that is probably not taken into account, is inertia. Even if you may be able to earn more in a different job, you might not quit and switch, because, uh, reasons. Well: you might get a longer commute, lose your working buddies, and so on. And you might not even be aware that there are better paid jobs at the new factory across town.