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She had left Bernward Vesper and her child for good early in and now she, Andreas Baader and Thorwald Proll decided to escalate the fight against the system. They left Berlin around 20 March, and in Munich decided to fire-bomb department stores in Frankfurt, where a Socialist German Student Union congress was taking place. On the night of 2 April , two fires were set in two department stores in Frankfurt.

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In October , they were sentenced to three years in prison for arson. After being released pending an appeal in June , Baader, Ensslin and Proll fled when the appeal was denied.

Baader was arrested on 3 April Ensslin, Ulrike Meinhof , who was at that time a well-known leftist journalist, and two other women freed him on 14 May One person was wounded. This was the beginning of the gang's violent actions, and the Red Army Faction. Ensslin became one of the most wanted people in Germany.

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In May , Bernward Vesper committed suicide and Felix was sent to live with foster parents. Ensslin was arrested in a boutique on 8 June in Hamburg. The Red Army Faction's second generation made several attempts to free Ensslin and her comrades from prison. One attempt involved the kidnapping of Hanns-Martin Schleyer on 5 September , and a proposed prisoner exchange.

Biography of Gudrun Ensslin (excerpt)

After the airplane was stormed by a German anti-terrorist unit, Schleyer was killed. Like Meinhof, Ensslin was found dead by hanging in her cell. Andreas Baader and Jan-Carl Raspe were found shot. She recovered from her wounds and has since stated that the deaths were not suicides, but extrajudicial killings undertaken by the German government of the time, a claim strongly denied by the German governments former and present. In , Margarethe von Trotta 's feature film Marianne and Juliane presented a fictionalised portrayal of an incarcerated Ensslin Barbara Sukowa and her sister Jutta Lampe.

Love, Gudrun Ensslin

Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Home FAQ Contact. Gudrun Ensslin Wikipedia open wikipedia design. Gudrun Ensslin. Stuttgart , West Germany. Perlentaucher Medien GmbH.

Urteil in Stammheim

July 12, Retrieved February 22, Retrieved 4 April Die Welt in German. Retrieved December 12, Aargauer Zeitung. November 27, Retrieved December 14, March 13, Retrieved March 13, Spiegel Online in German. In the course of this "freedom action" Befreiungsaktion , a shot is fired that seriously injures one person.

Biography of Gudrun Ensslin (excerpt)

In such or similar terms the supposed origin of the RAF is often told. This is a story of particular individualities, persons who would move on to become celebrities at least in certain quarters of the West German left , names known across Germany and beyond. Within the [End Page 67] genre-inflected perimeters of the love story, the freeing of Andreas Baader is rendered as much a politically idiosyncratic act as it is an attempt to relieve the passionate yearnings of a female lover who, more than anything else, longs to be united with the man she desires. There may be a lot of carnage along the way, but in the end it is the lovers' loss of life that elevates the story of the RAF into the realm of legend and myth.

In this article I want to move away from the genre of love to give one of its supposed anathemas—violence, and a radical form at that—more room.

I am especially interested in the genealogies and forms of militancy that both preceded and coincided with the emergence of the RAF. In refusing the historical and political obfuscations that have accompanied the memory of the RAF—not in the sense of simply inserting memory into the mnemonic fabric of '68 political culture but in the sense of unearthing some historic sedimentations—I look at three important moments that constitute the RAF not as a left-wing "terrorist" group in isolation but as an integral part of '68 radical student culture.

The massive mobilization of West German middle-class youth at the end of the s took place by way of direct confrontations with the police, but also by way of a set of polemical and impossible identifications with one figure now conspicuously absent from the historical picture: the colonial militant. Here the events that have become known under the temporal marker "June 2" and Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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