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As for me, it is difficult. But NMAT has a huge role in your journey to becoming a medical doctor. Getting a low score would cause you delays and inconveniences. Most of the concepts in the actual exam are similar to those in the practice test. So study the practice test well.

Know the concepts and rationalize the answers for each question. Focus on Physics and Quantitative. NMAT scores are computed based on how you performed compared to the rest of the examinees.

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Memorize formulas. So memorize those formulas and practice solving. By the way, calculators are not allowed during the test. Save the hardest for last. Since the exam is time pressured, it is a wise move to answer easier sets first.

During the Exam

List down the alphabet on your scratch paper. It will save you much time figuring out patterns in the number and letter series. Mock Exams. Time yourself while answering the Practice Set using the time allotments for each subject. It will help you budget your time on the actual test.

[Pre-Med Series] How to get a High NMAT Percentile Rank [NMAT Tips & Tricks Part 2]

Study at least a month before. Cramming is not a good idea. I, personally, needed a lot of time to recall those topics. If you have chosen not to enroll in a review school, I suggest that you buy a notebook where you write all the principles and concepts you need to learn. No matter how much preparation you did, all your efforts are in vain without the Lord blessing it.

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Life Science. Marine Biology. Organic Chemistry.

Periodic Table. Physical Science. Plant Science. American Literature. British Literature. Creative Writing. Medieval literature. Proverbs and Idioms. Vocab Builder. Criminal Justice. Political Science. Religion and Bible. Social Studies. Social Work. Linear Algebra.

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Multiplication Tables. Statistical Methods. Biomedical Science. Diagnostic Imaging. Gross Anatomy.

Infectious Disease. Medical Exams. Medical Terminology. Occupational Therapy. Passive Care. Physical Therapy. Spinal Anatomy. Air Traffic Control. Interior Design. Massage Therapy. Pilot License. Business Law. Civil Procedure. Constitutional Law. Contract Law. Corporate Law. Criminal Law. Intellectual Property. International Law. Property Law.

Computer Programming. Computer Science. Graphic Design.