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Political parties, institutions and civil society: the economic crisis and the evolution of Southern Europe political systems. Regime transition, value conflicts and the left-right divide at the mass level: the Baltic States and Southern Europe compared. More second-order than ever?

The European election in Portugal. Left-right ideology as a dimension of identification and as a dimension of competition. Elites' and voters' attitudes towards austerity policies and their consequences in Greece and Portugal.

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The impact of the economic crisis on the ideological space in Portugal and Greece: a comparison of elites and voters. Awakening the sleeping giant in Greece and Portugal? Political representation in bailed-out southern Europe: Greece and Portugal compared. Mapping and explaining the use of the left-right divide. Western and Non-Western Meaning of the left-right divide across four continents. Cleavages, values and the vote in Portugal, Political representation in Belgium, France, and Portugal: MPs and their constituents in very different political systems.

Political equality and the process of candidate selection: MPs' views in comparative perspective.

Institutional reform in Portugal: from the perspective of deputies and voters perspectives. Portugal, the victory of the neoliberal right, the defeat of the left. Economic voting in Portugal, — Ballot structure, district magnitude and constituency-orientation of MPs in proportional representation and majority electoral systems.

Choosing before choosing: The selection of parliamentary candidates. Part II: Rules and practice'. Referenda voting in Portugal, the effects of party sympathies, social structure and pressure groups. Political parties, cleavage structures and referendum voting: electoral behaviour in the Portuguese regionalization referendum of Zur generierung von wissen in interpretationsgruppen. Methodologische reflexionen im kontext reflexiver elitebildungsforschung.

Researching international schools: challenges for comparative educational research.

Investigator triangulation in the data interpretation process. An almost untouched research area. Envisioning world citizens? Self-presentations of an international school in Germany and related orientations of its pupils. Elite and excellence in the perspective of adolescents and their peers at exclusive schools. Qualitativ-empirische Forschung zu philosophischer Bildung. Adorno and philosophical education in postmodern society.

Policies for widening participation and success factors in Portuguese higher education.

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The social structure of European inequality: a multidimensional perspective. Uma perspetiva das desigualdades educacionais da Europa do sul no contexto europeu. Trends in income inequality: comparing the United States and Portugal. La universidad del siglo XXI: nueva docencia, nuevo bibliotecario.

Desigualdades globais.

Easily find the right book idea for the right audience

The diverse pathways of higher education students: a sociological analysis on inequality, context and agency. Social classes and values in Europe. Nas rotas da cidade. Lugar y identidad: sobre 'sociedades de barrio' en Lisboa. Social classes in Europe. Classes sociais na Europa. Classes sociais. Political Images of Science in Portugal. Sociology in Portugal: the Portuguese Sociological Association. Modes de vie et action collective.

A reforma do ensino: um processo social.

The country and the city: the bairro of Alfama in Lisboa. Alfama: entreposto de mobilidade social. Teaching globalization globally: the experience of globalization, social justice and human rights course. Cognitive limits of social sciences and common sense. A casa dos espelhos. A base social do estado penal. Violence in society. Contaminaciones y transferencias. The spirit of the Catholic aggiornamento: architecture, dialog and active participation.

Notas sobre pensamiento y arquitectura en Portugal. Genuine participation in participant-centred research initiatives: the rhetoric and the potential reality. The challenges of the expanded availability of genomic information: an agenda setting-paper.

Ethical sharing of health data in online platforms — which values should be considered? Police reform and the transnational circulation of police models: the Portuguese case in the s. Para que servem as ruas? Beyond health: medicines, food supplements, energetics and the commodification of self-performance in Maputo. Medicines and therapeutic pluralism in Maputo: exploring modalities of trust and the un certainties of everyday users. Medications, youth therapeutic cultures and performance consumptions: a sociological approach.

ICT in Portuguese secondary schools: from resistance to innovation. Media and campaign effects on vote choice at national elections in Europe: a review of a multilingual research landscape. Web campaigning in the European Parliament elections: A cross-national comparative analysis. Ministers of parliament and information and communication technologies as a means of horizontal and vertical communication in Western Europe.

Cavaco Para Rua! Quanto mais as coisas mudam The Political Party System in Brazil. My trip in my words: subjectivities, time s and mobilities in slow travel blogs. Harassment during hazing in a Portuguese public university. In the meantime or the ab use of online accessing during mobility. Auto Mobilities and social identities in Portugal. No entretanto ou o ab uso do acesso online em mobilidade.

PDF Mulher, Mãe.: Lições de vida para toda uma vida. (Motivação e autoajuda) (Portuguese Edition)

Empowerment labs: gender equality, employability and theatre catalyzing social change. Benfica vs Sporting: o derby visto a partir do Twitter. The need of a XXI century governance paradigm for public administration: the specific case of Portugal. Portuguese online dating: exploring gender differences in self-presentations.

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Introduction: representations of India at home and abroad. Movimentos sociais e redes sociais virtuais em perspectiva comparada. Taking stock of Roma health policies in Spain: lessons for health governance. Public and patient involvement in needs assessment and social innovation: a people-centred approach to care and research for congenital disorders of glycosylation.