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They are the only party not taken over by the extreme factions in national politics. They are the only non-sectarian party. They are the only party that puts the sovereignty of parliament at the heart of our representative democracy. Under Labour, the workforce we rely on will no longer be available.

One of the saddest days of he year for me is today, the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, when we remember those transgender people who have lost their lives over the past year just for being who they are, who died as a result of anti-transgender violence. You can read all their names, and the mostly brutal circumstances of their passing here. Jo Swinson marked the day by writing an article on the Lib Dem website:. But there was another story today….

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The Liberal Democrats have announced bold plans to freeze rail fares for commuters and season ticket holders for the next five years, while fixing the broken fares and ticketing system. A Liberal Democrat government would cancel the 2. These proposals would save season ticket holders across the UK thousands of pounds.

Projected savings for …. Intellectual property rights were then the subject of the US-UK trade discussions on 25 th July which are the subject of redacted documents produced after a freedom of information request to the DTI. The US experience shows that patent linkage can seriously delay the time at which cheaper generic drugs enter the market, whilst any patent disputes are resolved.

It is not supported in the European Union and we currently have no such system in the UK. Bear in mind that a generic drug may be priced at a small fraction of the price of the same drug before generic entry and one gets an approximate flavour of the millions currently saved by the NHS through its use of generic pharmaceuticals. These were the words I was told the day after the General Election- and to an extent, they were true.

For as far as the eye could see across South and West Yorkshire, the only real option voters had was to vote for Labour. As you may have imagined, I rejected this dogma.

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Instead, I turned to liberalism. Ambitious, confident liberalism- an ideology that can enrich and empower the lives of all citizens. I was supporting a party that would stand up for individual rights and freedoms; that would radically transform our unfair, broken politics; that believed in free markets and free trade as a force for good; and that recognised the state can be used as a tool to ensure opportunity for all.

This comes ahead of the Liberal Democrat manifesto launch later today. This is more than the Conservatives have offered in every year of the Parliament. The UK is in the grip of an epidemic of serious violence, and we urgently need real solutions. Instead, all the Tories can offer are the same old failed policies.

On uniting the country by tacking the issues that made Leave voters feel so dissatisfied in the first place:. A shout out to the people who so quickly cut together excerpts from the debate and clips of Jo putting the alternative view for people to share on social media. What Johnson and Corbyn won't tell you is that whatever happens if we leave the EU, this is the beginning of years of negotiations. ITVDebate pic. One of the lessons I try to convey to junior doctors or in my case and after nearly a decade, more junior junior doctors is the importance of getting lunch.

The nature of a hospital is that you never know what is round the corner. That is bad for you and bad for your patients. It is a dereliction of your duty of care to them. It is just over 3 weeks until polling day. You need to ensure you, your candidate, your staff, your volunteers and everybody involved is healthy and not going hungry. It is bad for you and your campaign if you do not eat when you get the chance. It is a dereliction of your duty of care to it.

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I have told people their loved ones are not going to leave hospital, attended so many cardiac arrests that I have forgotten most of them, and have had adults and children literally die in my hands. Let staff and volunteers do their work. Perhaps you think the best way to get things done is by shouting at people.

If any of these are true, resign — you are incompetent and have no place in professional politics. The evidence is mounting that the Prime Minister, the then mayor of London at the time, absolutely abused his position to forward the business interests of his friend Jennifer Arcuri.

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This flouts the very rules he was meant to uphold and is. Our place to talk — an independent website for supporters of the Liberal Democrat party in the UK. The most-read independent website by and for Lib Dem supporters. Not paid for by trade unions or millionaires. Skip to content. About us Theme.

By Caron Lindsay Mon 25th November - pm. Posted in Op-eds Tagged charles kennedy Leave a comment. By Mark Valladares Mon 25th November - pm. Posted in News Tagged christine jardine , conservative manifesto , human rights act , luciana berger , nhs staff numbers , nigel farage and tom brake Leave a comment.

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Posted in News Tagged brexit , chuka umunna , conservative manifesto , ed davey , education spending , eu citizens , labour , layla moran , luciana berger and NHS Leave a comment. By Geoff Reid Mon 25th November - am. Posted in Op-eds 18 Comments. By NewsHound Sun 24th November - am. She was on Any Questions? Listen here. Posted in News Tagged general election and sarah wollaston 3 Comments.

By Caron Lindsay Sat 23rd November - am. First of all, the audience was stacked against her: BBC confirm that the bbcqt LeadershipDebate audience was stacked based on current party representation in the commons ie numbers of MPs. Jo was very clear that she was the Remain candidate on the ballot paper.

Both were evasive and both looked and sounded ill bbcqt — Matt Forde mattforde November 22, Diamonds are formed under pressure. Posted in Op-eds Tagged bbc question time leaders special , general election and Jo Swinson 79 Comments. By Mark Valladares Sat 23rd November - am. Lib Dems: Creative subjects are at the heart of plans to build a brighter future Liberal Democrats will put creative subjects back at the heart of the school curriculum as part of their plans to build a brighter future. By Mark Valladares Fri 22nd November - pm. Posted in News Tagged christine jardine , ed davey , jane dodds , Jo Swinson , nigel farage , question time , refugees and rural communities 3 Comments.

By Caron Lindsay Fri 22nd November - pm. But, when you think about it, what a waste of money it would be if I had. Posted in Op-eds Tagged doctor who and general election 3 Comments. By Patrick Maxwell Fri 22nd November - am.

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Posted in Op-eds Tagged general election 7 Comments. By The Voice Fri 22nd November - am. Our sister party in Northern Ireland has produced a heavily pro EU election broadcast. Posted in News Tagged Alliance party of northern ireland 5 Comments. By Tom Arms Fri 22nd November - am.

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  • Posted in Op-eds Tagged observations of an ex pat 3 Comments. By Caron Lindsay Fri 22nd November - am. Loxwood Chichester result: CON: Posted in News Tagged local government by-elections 3 Comments. By Mark Valladares Thu 21st November - pm. Posted in News Tagged ann widdecombe , brexit party , christine jardine , conservatives , ed davey , labour manifesto , policing and tom brake 2 Comments. By Caron Lindsay Thu 21st November - pm. Chuka Umunna is about to be on Question Time.