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Tailor the fire extinguisher that you choose for the specific type of hazardous waste you have. Fire extinguishers must be charged and inspected as required please see OSHA requirements and consult your local fire department. We recommend that fire extinguishers be stored near each area where you store or accumulate hazardous waste rather than directly inside the hazardous waste area. This prevents employees from entering the hazardous waste area to retrieve the fire extinguisher to fight the fire.

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If employees are going to use a fire extinguisher or hose system, it is better to have that equipment stored near the hazardous waste area rather than wading through the hazardous waste area to get the fire control equipment. Again, the department does not require businesses to stay and fight any fire on their property and we strongly encourage businesses to first contact emergency services when a fire occurs. There are two basic subjects in which employees must be trained: hazardous waste management and emergency response as outlined in 40 CFR Be certain that you tailor individual training plans according to individual responsibilities.

This means that if an employee is responsible for labeling and marking containers in storage, then they must have received training regarding labeling and marking. A different employee responsible for satellite accumulation areas must be trained in the requirements for satellite accumulation areas.


Some training required for the U. Remember, Large Quantity Generator's are required to have an annual review of the initial training. See our Jan. Small quantity generators have more simple training requirements. The requirements are outlined in 40 CFR Unfortunately, the regulations do not include every detail as to what should be included in the required training. Every site is unique and so are the training needs.

Most RCRA training violations received by businesses are based on the lack of records or inadequate records - not the actual training received so make sure you focus on keeping good records of training. An advantageous way to organize your training records is to create a binder or file folder, segregated by year, to keep training certificates.

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Each training certificate should state the course name, the date of the training, and the name of the employee that completed the training. Remember that U. DOT requires specific training for any employee involved in hazardous waste transportation, see 49 CFR As the last few years have pointed out, it is reasonable for businesses to plan for disasters that can damage facilities and shut down operations for days or longer.

HAZWOPER Emergency Response Plan

Severe weather such as Missouri's recent winter storms, fire, or other disasters can strike at any time. In addition to dealing with the immediate evacuation or response to hazardous waste spills, facilities may find it is worthwhile to develop a plan for assessment and recovery in the event of a disaster.

Having a plan can help a facility recover faster and better, and pre-planning can help avoid wasted or redundant efforts, protect your business's assets, and help you qualify for insurance or government disaster payments. The Department of Homeland Security's Ready Business website can provide some advice on this kind of recovery planning.

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The next few issues of this listserv are going to focus on safety and emergency situations. While reviewing this listserv, try to picture how your employees would react to an emergency. Are they prepared? Small Quantity Generator and Large Quantity Generator facilities must have a device in the hazardous waste operations area capable of summoning emergency assistance. The device can be a telephone, intercom, cell phone, two-way radio, air horn, whistle, cow bell, whatever, as long as it is capable of summoning assistance and employees are trained to recognize the signal and act appropriately.

Test it! If someone is in trouble in the operations area, can they summon assistance with the device? If your business has more than one hazardous waste operations area i. Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators those that generate or accumulate lbs of non-acute hazardous waste or less a month or less than 2. What, if any, training must a Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator provide to its employees?

Although training requirements are not spelled out for Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators, if you fall in this category you must be capable of making a hazardous waste determination and properly managing your wastes so they do not threaten human health or the environment or create a public nuisance.

There are several training options, including attending formal training, taking a course online, or reviewing information available to you at the library or on the Internet.

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Review making a hazardous waste determination. Small Quantity Generators are not required to have formal training records for their employees, however, it is important that each employee involved with hazardous waste be familiar with waste handling and emergency procedures. This protects your workers from injury and your facility from damage.

Inspectors can evaluate if employees are familiar with waste handling and emergency procedures by speaking with employees. Inspectors will ask employees that are responsible for a specific waste stream direct questions about hazardous waste management. Establishing and periodically reviewing proper training and procedures at your business helps make sure your employees can not only answer an inspector's questions but that they know what to do in an emergency situation. For Large Quantity Generators training and documentation requirements are more formal. Large Quantity Generators must provide training to their employees on how to respond to an emergency, have their training reviewed annually, and be sure employees don't work in unsupervised positions until their training is completed.

The documentation required includes:. Large Quantity Generator's program director must be trained in hazardous waste management procedures. Employees that manage, move, label, inspect, consolidate, prepare for transport, etc. Inspectors will often quiz employees about the training they received, emergency contingency plans, and other safety matters. Is your company prepared for an emergency? The checklist reviews the important emergency preparedness information that is required by 40 CFR Although this information is not required for large quantity generators and conditionally exempt small quantity generators, it is always a good idea to put safety first and prepare in advance for emergencies.

Small Quantity Generators must post the required emergency information at the main office telephone and at each hazardous waste operational area. It is also recommended that you post the emergency information by the telephone in the office of the supervisor in charge of hazardous waste operations. In some instances, training levels overlap; other levels are not authorized by OSHA because their training is not sufficiently specific.

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  4. An employer must ensure that the training provider covers the areas of knowledge required by the standard and provides certification to students that they have passed the training. Since the certification is for the student, not the employer, the trainer must cover all aspects of HAZWOPER operations and not only those at the current site.

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