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Maggie Shayne is better than chocolate! She satisfies every wicked craving.

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Lexi Stoltz's break from life is interrupted one snowy December night. Her isolated Adirondack cabin is invaded by killers, one group who try to take her captive, and one lone wolf with storm cloud eyes who takes a bullet to liberate her from the thugs.

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But then he forces her to leave with him. He claims to work for the government, says her father invented a biological weapon and he has to find it first.

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It's a dirty lie, so she doesn't feel guilty leading him on a wild goose chase while awaiting a chance to escape. But he wasn't lying when he said there would be others in pursuit, with deadly intent.

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And she soon learns that he has secret motives born of an unthinkable loss. A gutsy, edge-of-the-seat romantic thriller that won't let you catch your breath until the soul-wrenching end!

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Maggie Shayne is the real deal! Guiding Light, As the World Turns. She's Empty Inside Kira Shanahan wakes from a coma with a steel plate in her head and not a lot else. In fact, she only starts to feel alive again in the presence of her gorgeous wedding planner.

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Suzanne Forster NY Times bestselling author. She's being pursued… Lexi Stoltz's break from life is interrupted one snowy December night. Romantic Thrillers. Paranormal Romance.

His lean body glimmers in the street lights, the sinewy ropes of cut muscle on his tattooed arms and back tensing as he incapacitates the attackers with utter finesse. When the hero finds her in the corner alley, shaken and beyond terrified, he offers her his hand. The fighter's dark brown eyes are filled with steel resolve His gentle touch immediately calms her nerves Kaela is already a goner, this beautiful man has her in his clutches and she's about to enter his world - one of danger, violence, treachery, and utter secrecy.

Will she survive in his cut-throat world of professional violence?