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If everything you do each day brings you closer to death in its own unique and subtle way, then what are you choosing to let kill you? The title of this article is a quote from the author and poet Charles Bukowski.

This entire article kind of doubles as an ode to him. Bukowski was a shameless drinker, womanizer, and all-around fuck up. He would get drunk on stage at his poetry readings and verbally abuse his audience. He gambled a lot of his money away and had an unfortunate habit of exposing himself in public. Bukowski spent most of his life broke, drunk, and getting fired from various jobs. Eventually, he ended up working in a post office filing letters.

All his life he wrote fruitlessly, a total unknown and a loser. He wrote for almost 30 years before finally getting his first book deal.

Suicidal tendencies - Got to kill captain stupid

It was a meager deal. I have decided to starve. In my opinion, the honesty in his writing — his fears, failures , regrets , self-destruction, emotional dysfunction — it is unparalleled. He wrote about both shame and pride without qualification. His writing was equanimous — a silent embrace of the horrible and beautiful man that he was.

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He never understood the baby boomer obsession with peace and happiness or the idealism that came along with it. The concept of life purpose has exploded in popularity in recent decades. We want to do something important. We want to be noticed. Artist: Suicidal Tendencies.


Album: The Art Of Rebellion. Rating: Ah damn, we got a lot of stupid people Doing a lot of stupid things Thinking alot of stupid thoughts And if you want to see one Just look in the mirror Gotta kill Capt. Stupid, can't you see him? Today we start the new way, we're Suicidal Gotta kill the old way, we'll make it better Won't you join our mission, don't be stupid Got to kill Capt. Stupid Got to kill Capt.

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Stupid Brother killing brothers, what up with that? Can't you see there laughing, that aint funny Babies making babies, that aint love You just got screwed over, get some respect Got to kill Capt. Stupid And I don't understand why People be bringin' Capt. But a person with first-hand knowledge of the situation contends that by then, Leto had burned through four different teams of agents at CAA and there was little love for the actor there.

Says one person involved in the situation: "How do you play the Joker you established following [Phoenix]?

Sometimes To Stay Alive You Gotta Kill Your Mind

It kind of ends his Joker run. A version of this story first appeared in the Oct. Star Wars Interviews Comics Watch.

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October 19, am by Kim Masters. The actor, who played the character in 'Suicide Squad,' felt "alienated and upset" when Warner Bros. This Week In Heat Vision breakdown. Warners declined to comment.

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